Rebuilding Your Business - Reposition, Pivot, Collaboration Strategies Webinar

This webinar which features a LIVE interview by Shil Shanghavi, Founder & Director of Chatterbox Public Speaking with Dinesh Aggarwal, Managing Director of Fortuna Advisory Group explores how businesses can strengthen and grow their businesses.

The webinar "Rebuilding Your Business" outlines effective strategies during these extraordinary times, and discusses how to engage one of these much-discussed strategies: reposition, pivot & collaboration.

Key Take-Aways Include:

• The difference between pivoting and repositioning in regards to business infrastructure and market opportunities

• How to apply the different strategies to business opportunities and times of change

• How to use collaboration as a business mitigation strategy so that you can tap into markets without a huge initial overlay of risk

• What strategies to consider for expansion and diversification

• What is post-Covid19 going to look like for businesses Interesting case studies for various industries are presented.

Learn from multinational and leading brands as well as local Australian businesses affected by the COVID in the trades, catering, building & construction, and personal fitness industries.


Rebuilding our business - Edited