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How can I boost my Sales as a Start-up or struggling business?

Boosting sales would require marketing and conversion of leads. Our advice is to first look inwards and if you believe you are doing a good job for your clients, don’t shy from asking them for referrals. This doesn’t cost money but is one of the greatest sources of new business.

Furthermore, use free tools such as Facebook to connect or Instagram to get a following. Depending on what product you sell or service you provide, use this platform correctly -whether emails or social media or traditional media. You could also look at paid boosting and adverts. For most social media, there is no lockdown which means you can decide to put the tap on or off, at will.

Importantly, have a plan. This doesn’t need to be a great piece of research but sometimes, even a one-pager works wonders. The art of marketing is not to bombard people with posts every day resulting in “unsubscribe” every day; it is about getting your message across in the right manner.

You could also have in place referral arrangements with other related companies – a percentage you give out of your sales. Make sure though that this percentage is not more than the margin you will be making on that job unless it is repetitive in nature. Thus, knowing your margin per job is extremely important – not the Gross profit margin alone but also the net profit margin.

Some businesses successfully ride on the idea of employing Business Development Managers on a commission basis.