Webinar: Cashflow Management, Key Financial Controls & Funding: Construction Industry

Effective solutions for builders/large trades facing challenges in ensuring that projects meet time and financial constraints. Historically, the construction industry has been a backbone of the economy of Western Australia and the recently announced home stimulus package has been received with much enthusiasm.

However, builders and large traders are often faced with challenges in ensuring that their projects meet time and financial constraints. To do this effectively, we will address the key challenges in this webinar.

Key Take-Aways:

- What are some cashflow management issues pertinent to the industry?

- How do you ensure that your project does not over-run on costs?

- What are the key financial indicators that project managers must keep a watchful eye on?

- How do you put in control measures to ensure that your project is ON budget?

- How can technology such as BuildXact help deliver cost controls and projections effectively for optimum job estimation and project management?

Our expert speakers delivered a webinar that will truly change the way you manage your projects and provide great ideas and insights to help you be on a budget and keep you profitable.

BuildXact Webinar