Standard vs Testamentary Wills: Which one Will you choose?

Standard vs Testamentary Wills - is your will comprehensive and effective? Nathan Sgro, Lawyer at Fortuna Legal, talks about what is required to ensure that your legacy is passed on just as you intended.

Key Take-Aways:
- the pitfalls of preparing post-office or home made wills and the benefits of seeking the advice of a qualified Estate Planning professional who can guide you in preparing a Will that is tailored to your personal and financial circumstances.
 - why a “one size fits all” approach to your Estate Planning is a dangerous exercise. - the features and benefits of a standard will and a more complex testamentary trust will.
 Presented by: Nathan Sgro, Lawyer Nathan was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 2011. 
He passionately works closely with his clients to achieve a broad range of legal and commercial objectives. He is especially skilled in providing clients with pragmatic solutions and explaining legal concepts in plain language. Having worked in a number of reputable boutique and medium size law firms in Western Australia, Nathan has considerable experience across a diverse range of practice areas including Commercial Contracts, Business Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Property.
Fortuna Insights Seminar -  Standard vs Testamentary Wills_ Which one Will you choose_