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How to finance your business and alternative measures

All around us, we expect to see many businesses challenged with cashflow and funding issues when the government funding stops. With the next economic wave expected to hit us, we would like to help our clients to best prepare for this change. This video explains the shifts that are taking place in the market and to know what your alternatives are so that you can effectively manage your business.

Key Take-Aways:

- What are some ways that businesses are currently financing their operations?

- What are some alternative methods and strategies that you can consider to raise finance?

- If you were to find opportunities in acquisition and mergers, how can you be best prepared to fund this venture?

Presented by: Eric Moroni, Broking Consultant

Eric has over 30 years of working experience in corporate roles within the Banking & Financial Services sector, which allows him to provide tailored financial solutions based on understanding client needs now and into the future. His corporate experience includes working as WA State Manager for Commercial Broking at the Commonwealth Bank and more recently at Bankwest as the Regional Sales Manager for Commercial Acquisition. With this experience, he determines the best banking options available for clients within the ever-changing financial services market.

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